About Us

Lush Mansions was founded with a vision to redefine luxury living in India.

Our Story

Lush Mansions was founded with a vision to redefine luxury living in India. With a passion for creating homes that are a perfect blend of modernity and nature, we embarked on a journey to build the most luxurious Farm Houses in Delhi. Our team of experts, with decades of experience in the real estate industry, meticulously curates each property to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality, aesthetics, and functionality.

Our homes are distinguished by their use of the natural landscape, capturing its rolling contours and majestic trees to create beautiful dwellings that speak of individuality.

With every farmhouse we conceive, meticulous craftsmanship and world-renowned European architecture are combined with age-old visions of respecting Nature. We have produced many award-winning farmhouses in India – each one a unique blend fusing the best of Vastu alongside contemporary design sensibilities.

About - Jeevash Vaid

the Passion Behind Lush Mansions!

Jeevash Vaid is a dynamic entrepreneur and business leader with a diverse range of accomplishments. He is the founder and CEO of Lush Mansions, a company that specializes in building luxury homes with modern design with sustainable living. He has a natural talent for identifying emerging trends in the real estate business and has the drive for executing them.

With Lush Mansions, Jeevash has taken his passion for architecture and turned it into a thriving business. The company has gained a reputation for building luxury homes. Their projects have been featured in prominent publications.

Jeevash Vaid completed his BSc from The Carroll School of Management, Boston College, USA. A lover of beautiful architecture, his inspiration for Lush Mansions came while being in college, visiting and seeing modern Western architectural designs. He is a serial entrepreneur, who has successfully built existed many Businesses prior to starting Lush Mansions. He has been on the cover of Silicon India Magazine and received many awards in his professional career.